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Join 14,908 other musicians, producers, lyricist, beat makers, and other creators that trust SongSecure to protect their original work.

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Since 2016, there have been 136,246 songs, beats, lyrics, riffs, ideas, and more SongSecured by our users from all over the world.

How SongSecure Works…
Finally enjoy a simple, streamlined process for protecting your music:

1 - Upload Your Song or Song Idea

Start by simply uploading your song, song idea, or even just a cool riff or lyrics.

2 - Add The Ownership Details of Your Song

Next you enter the ownership information and details of the song or idea including any co-writers if applicable.

3 - Receive Verification Within Just Minutes

Within minutes your song is secured to the block chain using our proprietary technology, providing a permanent registration.

4 - Download Your SongSecure Certificate

That’s it! Your SongSecure Copyright Certificate and your music file are stored in the cloud, available for download anytime.
The Secret About Copyrights…
Even most professional musicians don’t know the truth! Do YOU know the dirty secret about music copyrights?
Our Technology
Permanent Protection
24/7 Access To Your Easy-To-Use SongSecure Copyright Registration Dashboard
Permanently Timestamped and Encrypted on the Global NEO Blockchain
Song Files Securely Stored On The Most Durable and Reliable Cloud Platform
Receive Your SongSecure Copyright Registration Certificate Within Minutes
SongSecure Copyright Registrations Are Valid Forever (Even If Your Account Expires)

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Bradley Floyd

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Frequently Asked Questions
I’ve read that my music remains registered even if I cancel my membership. Is this correct?
Yes, once you download the certificate you have the proof. It contains a “hash”, a calculated value or fingerprint that is unique to your song. It proves that the file that you uploaded is the file that SongSecure recorded on the block chain. Forever more your unique entry will be on the distributed ledger, and you need to place the SongSecure Certificate for your song, along with the file that you uploaded with no changes, in s safe location. If you change the name of the file, or make any edit at all, it will no longer be linked to the SongSecure certificate. SongSecure will keep a copy on our servers as long as your membership is active, but will remove it if the membership is discontinued. Another key benefit and service of your SongSecure membership is SongSecure will attest and certify to the authenticity of the process and your file, and execute an affidavit and agree to be deposed in Austin, TX as a expert witness in the case of a legal action regarding the secured song. This service is only available to a current active SongSecure member.
How effective will this be in ten years if someone were to use a song and I need to sue, even if I discontinue my membership?
The proof is permanent, and can be shown as long as you keep a copy of the file as uploaded, with no changes, and the certificate. An expert witness can describe the mathematical formula, show the factual proof that you had possession of the file at the time that you secured it.
I like this extra protection without having to copyright every song with the government for 35$ dollars each, but eventually, this monthly payment may become something I may have to discontinue. What kind of problems will that present for me if I ever need to refer back to this SongSecure registration in the event that someone uses one of the songs that I have already uploaded without my consent?
A key benefit and service of your SongSecure membership is SongSecure will attest and certify to the authenticity of the process and your file, and execute an affidavit and agree to be deposed in Austin, TX as a expert witness in the case of a legal action regarding the secured song. This service is only available to a current active SongSecure member. If you were to no longer be a member, your attorney would need to use the documentation and file, and possibly locate another expert witness to explain the process to the court. If you create or revise more than 3 songs a year, SongSecure is less expensive and better factual proof than a US Copyright Registration.
Are there any limitations with SongSecure?
Yes, all software applications have limits, and SongSecure limits the type of files that can be uploaded and secured, and the quantity of storage per user.
When does the SongSecure app come out for use?
It is in use now.
Is there any interaction with PROs or distributors in anyway?
Not at this time but we have plans to work with the major PROs in the future.
Is there a way to differentiate multiple copyrights for multiple writers on a song?
A song can list the writers and percentage of each.
Am I the only person allowed to register songs to SongSecure, meaning what if you collaborate with someone would that person have to also register or can we do it under one account. Same example for multiple writers 3,4 & five writers for example.
A song can have attributes listing the writers and percentage of each.
In SongSecure who will be able to hear the songs people register?
You will be able to hear your songs, and songs shared with you. In a coming release we are planning to provide a feature to allow you to share access with other users of SongSecure that you designate.
Since you cannot protect your copyright unless you know someone has stolen and used your song to make money, how does SongSecure help with detection of violations of copyright infringement world wide or does it?
SongSecure does not provide detection service.
Do I need to download the certificate and file it away? I imagine this certificate would be easy to replicate, so how effective would it be in court?
Yes, please download the certificate and keep it with the music file. I would suggest that you place them on a USB thumbdrive or USB backup drive, and print it, and keep it in a safety deposit box or similar safe location. The information on the certificate is impossible to replicate unless the same computer algorithm is used to “prove” the validity with the same file, and a lookup is performed to obtain the information stored on the block chain.
Can a poem be protected with SongSecure?
Yes, a document file can be secured.
Can lyrics without an audio recording be submitted to SongSecure?
Yes, a document file can be secured.
Asking about govt accreditation of SongSecure
The US Government does not provide for accreditation of commercial software.
Will anyone actually be listening to my uploads?
What happens to copyright proof of my songs?
You are provided with a PDF document that shows your proof forever. It can be proven as long as the Block Chain is available.
Is SongSecure legally recognized as a new standard for protecting my music?
The concept of a proven timestamp by a outside 3rd party is very well established. SongSecure uses the proven technology of the Block chain as a modern, proven technology in place of a time and date stamp.
Do I need to continue to subscribe to show proof of previously uploaded songs?
No, even if you cancel your subscription, at the time the song is secured you are provided with a PDF document that shows your proof forever. It can be proven as long as the Block Chain is available
I would like to know the details of how this service works.
The way it works: 1) you have a SongSecure account – It includes your identity including name, email, address, etc. 2) you upload a file – a music MP3, a document for lyrics, sheet music, etc. *Note: no one looks at or listens to the file, the software does all this in a matter of seconds, completely automatically. 3) the software calculates a unique “hash” of the file (an encrypted code) 4) The file is stored on the AWS Service cloud in a secure and private location. 5) The hash code is then recorded on the block chain by performing a small transaction, this is the Time Stamp. 6) The blockchain is finalized once separate blockchain servers from around the world all agree and confirm they have recorded the transaction in the public distributed ledger, that can never be changed. (you can search for the transaction using a block chain explorer and see when it was recorded) 7) The transaction is paired with your certificate and file in the SongSecure cloud storage 8) The PDF certificate is generated, and you download it, print it (if desired) and save it along with the original file someplace safe.
What is in place for any technical support if I have user issues?
Please contact us at
Do I need to include MP3 files as well as written copy, i.e. lyrics and music notations to secure my music?
An MP3 or music file can be SongSecured without music notation.
In order to protect one’s songs from being stolen, is it feasible to set up some kind of publishing company with your name on it to copyright your songs?
SongSecure provides you with the ability to prove your copyright with an independent time and date stamp along with a PDF document showing the Block Chain hash showing proof of the time you secured your song. You do not need to establish a publishing company to create a copyright.
How can I start using SongSecure?
Just log in to Then upload your song, and secure it!

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