How It Works

The way it works:

1) you have a SongSecure account – It includes your identity including name, email, address, etc.

2) you upload a file – a music MP3, a document for lyrics, sheet music, etc.

*Note:  no one looks at or listens to the file, the software does all this in a matter of seconds, completely automatically.

3) the software calculates a unique “hash” of the file (an encrypted code)

4) The file is stored on the AWS Service cloud in a secure and private location.

5) The hash code is then recorded on the block chain by performing a small transaction, this is the Time Stamp.

6) The blockchain is finalized once separate blockchain servers from around the world all agree and confirm they have recorded the transaction in the public distributed ledger, that can never be changed. (you can search for the transaction using a block chain explorer and see when it was recorded)

7) The transaction is paired with your certificate and file in the SongSecure cloud storage

8) The PDF certificate is generated, and you download it, print it (if desired) and save it along with the original file someplace safe.