iOS Design

The SongSecure iOS app for iPhone and iPad

Designed to be a quick, easy way to record a new idea or song, this app is part of your SongSecure membership benefits. The app is currently in development and we are looking for your feedback and suggestions.

When you open the app you will see this “home page”. At the top is a Click Track where you can select one of 10 Midi drum beats and select the tempo in beats per minute. It is turned off by default. If you use it, it will play in your headphones but not be recorded with the song, so you will have the correct tempo for the song when you get to the studio.

Below is a big red Record button to record your song. While recording it will show you a waveform, and you can press the button again to stop recording. It will then prompt you for the name.

    Below the record button is a list of recorded songs that have not yet been saved. By pressing a song it allows you to play, delete, Secure and Share the recording. You can Listen to the recording and delete it, or Secure it with Song Secure, or Share the recording. If you select Secure, it will upload it to the SongSecure server, and you will get back an email with your PDF certificate, and it will be available on the SongSecure Website in your account with the rest of your music.

It will also be available on the iOS SongSecure App with the ability to play the song, share it, or view the certificate.

 Now that you have seen what we are building, we would like your feedback and input. Please tell us what you think.