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"I highly recommend this service and this site is the easiest and safety way to get your music and song ideas copyrighted."

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"It's So Awesome To Have An Actual Certificate of Ownership Of My Songs I Love It."

0N3R¹ Tha Wicced 1

"If you are serious about being a musician or lyricist, SongSecure will connect and guide you in the right direction. They have not led me wrong."

DeOndra Peterson

"#1 Greatest most trusted and efficient tool for all creators in the music industry."

Andrew Guerrero - Drustar (Drucci)(Drucci Pryce)

"PLEASE do it!! Its so worth it, I wish I would have known about this way earlier in my career. Either way still a great tool."

Jasmine Coppage - Jaszy da B3asT!

"Best and inexpensive way to have your music under copyright. SongSecure is exceptional so far I see no need for improvement my expectations have been met."

Anita Jones - Charisma

"Get it. Use it. Secure it!!!"

Orlando marcano - Loyal Ent

"Give it a shot. They are worth the purchase in my opinion. You guys are doing great this far. Thank you again"

Christian Craddock - Cali'cush yayyo records

"It’s a good way to exclusively copyright anything and everything to do with music and its so easy to use."

Zakariyya Ra’Sun

"SongSecure is easy to use and streamlined. I wish I had know about this sooner."

Jack Hogan

"The best thing you could ever do to protect your music."

OdO Studio Records, LLC

"I'm glad I was introduced to this site. It's much convenient than the standard way of "protection" and a lot cheaper. It takes the pressure off of creating for sure."

Michael Wilson - Resurrection Gospel Singers of Philadelphia

"It's the best decision you can make. You need your music copyrighted."

Mario Rush


Donald Favors

"Its a God send against the predators who price gouge artists for their professional services."

Bobby Durden

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Bernell Anderson - Bernell Anderson & William James Anderson / we're brothers

"It is very useful, easy and efficient to utilize.... the best resource to copyright all works. The Certificate of Song Ownership with encryption is the best. What a blessing this is SongSecure."

Ivan Gaston

"It gives a songwriter piece of mind of sharing work while in all stages of the production process."

John Gerosimo - ...just us here...

"Do it. What other options do you have? You have plenty but what other options are as easy and accessible as this one. It won't hurt you to invest in this tool that may save your work later on."

Victor Hill - Victor Rashad

"This is a great way to protect your songs during the creation process and also when your song is finalized/released"

Fred Collins - GTM5, Fact Meets Fiction

"Great (and much needed) service. Thank you for making this important part of the music process so easy!"

Alfreda Makari

"Song Secure is a game changer. It's a very inexpensive and simple way to copyright your ideas."

Ludis Taylor

"It's a great service and more than worth it. The results are simple, fast, and at a huge convenience."

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"Yo! If you haven't secured your songs, beats, lyrics or anything that you do...I suggest SongSecure! Give it a try and protect your creative self!"

Ryan Benson - RyanThaOldMan

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